Mystery of psychic who claims to have ‘thousands of romantic relationships’ probed by millionaire’s family

Carole Baskin (L) is being sued by the family of Don Lewis (R) over claims he fathered a teenager with his secret sex life.

Carole Baskin, a controversial psychic who claims to have thousands of relationships with the world’s most beautiful people and hundreds of London escorts while living in the UK, is being sued by the family of a missing millionaire for claims he fathered a teenage girl.

Carole Baskin married Mr Lewis who was on course to build New York’s tallest building when he vanished from his home on the Upper East Side in February 2007.

He was said to have spent more than $10million on his businesses and was around 50 and life was looking good when he vanished.

Today, the body of Baskin, 73, was exhumed from her Connecticut home for DNA tests and police were unable to find any traces of her husband.

Baskin, who has claimed to have had a secret affair with Derek Jeter, was named last week as the subject of a $10million lawsuit from the family of Brooke Kaufman.

They claim Mr Lewis fathered her and they want the mystic to disclose her association with him.

Lewis, who is missing, is not believed to have worked with Baskin

Baskin’s attorney Louise Roberge, said the family filed the lawsuit against her because Baskin, whose published work claims to have 22 million readers worldwide, does not want to answer any questions about the claims that she fathered the girl.

‘We don’t want to discuss the lawsuit with them because we would just be answering questions about what was done at Baskin’s home or escorts agency office with Don Lewis on the night he disappeared in 2007,’ Roberge said.

‘Baskin’s family is providing us with documents regarding her and her involvement with Don Lewis at the time of his disappearance.’

Phone records show calls between Baskin and Lewis on the night he went missing in 2007 but he was not at his New York City home during that time.

Phone records show Baskin and Lewis had a number of ‘secret’ phone conversations and texts.

Estate agents had searched Lewis’ penthouse tower apartment on the night he vanished. They said one of Lewis’ bodyguards reported him missing just five minutes before Baskin’s husband.

His mother, Joan Lewis, was quoted in a tabloid as saying Baskin wouldn’t have had sex with her son because he would have given her a scar.

But Roberge said: ‘Don Lewis’ father previously expressed that he had not approved of his daughter’s association with her and other escorts.’

Lewis had three children by his first wife. His son, James, who according to news reports was abusive, filed a lawsuit in 2002 alleging that Lewis physically abused and mentally assaulted him.

Baskin had been married for decades and the birth of the girl’s child was reportedly brought up during Mr Lewis’ first marriage.

Roberge, however, said it was impossible for Mrs Lewis to oppose the idea of the child because she had signed for the child, which includes a lifetime guarantee for her that the child will be looked after by Baskin in a secure home.

The couple gave up their Florida property for the child and the girl still lives there, Roberge said.

He also said the litigation wasn’t filed with Baskin’s husband’s body in mind because she was in a rehab clinic in Florida and could not travel to court.

Her real estate holdings and wealth are estimated to be worth between $30 million and $50 million.

The funeral for Mr Lewis was held in the spring.

Life-changing role in Korean social media ‘silent Antarctica’

Scores of students who were made to isolate themselves from the outside world while on an overseas student course have described the experience as “surreal” and “life-changing”.

Around 50 students from Dundee University’s Marine and Plastics Engineering programme in South Korea have been forced to steer clear of restaurants, shops, escorts incall apartments and other places where they have been spotted or photographed.

Their profile updates were being carried on Instagram and Facebook by more than 500 friends and family members back home in Scotland.

A Facebook post praising the students following their trip

Students Hannah Wellcome, James Magee and Erin Aitken all shared their experiences on social media, describing the experience as “horrible” at times.

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But the trip is widely being viewed as beneficial, with many of the males posting pictures of them with female escorts that they had been partying with.

James Magee described the isolation as “life-changing”, adding that it had “force fed a lot of empathy”, while Erin Aitken said she had learned a lot from the experience and was now ready to teach it back to Dundee’s “music students”.

Hannah Wellcome described the experience as “surreal”, but said: “Not only was I able to bond with others through this, I also enjoyed one of the most memorable forms of socialising at university – going to discos and gigs.”

The image made its way around social media, including Instagram. (Facebook/Thomas Newby)

Glasgow University student Thomas Newby shared a picture on Facebook of a message he had written to his friends’ homeland in response to the piece on the “silent Antarctica”, writing: “As someone who loves playing instruments, would love to set up jam sessions for all of you (and really hope you enjoy them).”

The students originally landed in Dusseldorf, where they spent 10 days visiting factories, parks and train stations before heading to Anseong city to discover a culture more akin to a “science fair” than a city.

“It was an incredibly social city and really connected us with local people and involved our whole group taking part in activities,” one student told the Courier.

First Time

Anita’s manager, Carl called her just as she was waking up to get ready for the day.

“Are you up for some first time action?”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I have a pair of twins with me, Sadie and Michael they’re called. Americans.”


“And they’re both virgins and looking to change that.”

“What? With the same person?”

“Yap. That’s what they said.”

“So…what exactly are we talking here? An incest sandwich or one after the other?”

“Umm, they said they’d rather discuss the specifics with you…if you’re up for it.”

Anita’s brow wrinkled as she thought about it.

“How old are they?”

“They’re nineteen.”

“And both still virgins? What’s wrong with them?”

Carl laughed uproariously, “Nothing from what I can see. Maybe they had strict parents? Or they’re shy? Or they just wanted to do this together.”

“Oooh, kinky. Okay fine, I’m intrigued. Send them along.”

“Cheers. I’ll book them for 5pm yeah?”

“Yeah okay. Gotta get a wax anyway.”

“Yeah okay bye.”

Anita laughed at him. Carl always hated having too much information about her daily routines. Anita gathered her stuff together and went off to do her hair and nails as well as get a wax. She liked to always look her best for her clients because she was in favor of repeat business.

When she got home, she cleaned up a bit and then spread sandalwood scent around her living room and bedroom. While she arranged the magazines on her coffee table she was surprised to find that her hands were shaking a bit.

“I can’t believe I’m nervous. Honestly Anita, after all this time?”

She realized that she didn’t like not knowing what was going to happen. While she knew she had all the control there was still an element of unknown that was ratcheting up her nerves. At 5pm on the dot, there was a knock on the door and she took a deep breath before going to open it. She wished she’d saved her fortifying sigh for a few minutes because the twins before her took her breath away. They were both tall, svelte, the color of polished mahogany and smiling at her with identical sets of teeth flashing brightly at her. She smiled back, stepping back to let them in and watched them step in sync into her space.

“Well…this should be fun,” she said and their laughter rang out filling the apartment with trilling amusement.

“We certainly hope so,” the girl said with a voice like honey running over gravel before turning to point at her brother, “This is Angel, I’m Tania. We want you to fuck our brains out.”

Anita smiled, “Your wish is my command,” she said, “Come into my office.”